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[Translation] J-web Email: ☆New Year Greetings☆

Happy New Year (^o^)

2013 has begun, hasn't it? This year we're going to make many opportunities to see you all and try out new things too! That's the kind of year I would like to have☆

Did you watch the "Arashi ni Shiyagare SP" last night? We challenged ourselves, didn't we☆? Today "Sekai 1 no SHOW TIME ~Gyara wo Kimeru no wa Anata~ #7" will be on.
This time it's packed full of new performances! It turned out to be a really impressive Show Time. By all means, please watch it with your family!! You won't regret it(^o^)☆
Tomorrow "Kotatsu DE Arashi," "VS Arashi SP," and the "Lucky Seven Special" will be on. Spend your New Year's holiday with Arashi, okay? (^o^)(^^)Y
Let's have fun in 2013!
Please continue to support us this year☆☆☆


So this means Nino will be up tomorrow!
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