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Aiba Masaki

Good afternoon everyone.
Our double a-side single "Calling/Breahtless" comes out on 3/6.

"Calling" has a powerful and fast-paced PV

The theme of the song is life, so the members make powerful expressions~

In "Breathless" we're dancing really hard~ The backdrop is also kind of elaborate, I think it came out cool.
Each of the coupling tracks has a different style, but they both feel great.

By all means, please listen to "Calling/Breathless" when it comes out on 3/6

Matsumoto Jun

It's our first release of 2013

Those of you watching "Last Hope" have been listening to "Calling" but it's a rock number with strong guitar parts.

If you include the chorus, it's got a manly edge to it. A key point is the way that each of us come in to sing

"Breathless" is the theme song for "Platinum Data"

The rhythm has a good feel to it, and I've liked it ever since the first time I heard it. I'm writing this as we film the PV, but it has a dance too so I'm sure it's going to end up being cool

The coupling track are good songs too~

"All Right!!" is full of energy and and "full of love" has a stylish melody, I like both of them.

We're going to bring you wonderful songs in 2013 too

Listen to them, ok?

Ninomiya Kazunari


This time we have the theme song for Aiba-shi's drama "Last Hope"
And then the theme song for the movie I'm in, "Platinum Data," sold together as a double a-side

It's kind of splendid, isn't it
A double a-side is like twice the fun in one go, and it's been a while since we've had one, so I think that makes it even more splendid.

I think some of you are already familiar with "Calling," but if you could please enjoy "Breathless" as you watch the movie you'd really be helping me out (lol).

Our first one this year Arashi's 40th
Please give us your support

Ohno Satoshi

Hello~ I~t's Ohno Arashi's new single is coming out It's our 40th Man~ isn't that surprising~? I feel like we just came out with the 20th one recently (lol). And before I knew it, we were at our 40th Congrats And this time "Calling" and "Breathless" are a double a-side What a luxury(lol) "Calling" is the theme song for Aiba-chan's drama, and the chorus is pretty vigorous so I really like it "Breathless" is the theme song for Nino's movie In the PV everyone in Arashi dances a lot for the first time in ages We haven't danced that much during a video shoot since "Lotus"~. We had only just learned the choreography so I was feeling nervous and I had fun The coupling tracks are different from these two songs so by all means, listen to them

Ohno Satoshi

Sakurai Sho


It's me. It's Sakurai.

Our 40th Single, a nice round number.
It's our first double A-side in a while.

First, the song playing in Aiba-kun's drama "Calling."

It's a rock song~.

The guitar riff is similar to the music I liked when I was in my 6th year of elementary school through middle school*...

I'm having flashbacks!!

That's how it feels.

It's a familiar-new. To me.

And then there's "Breathless" from Ninomiya-kun's movie.

We're dancing. A lot.

And the formations are very precise.

Ladies and gentleman, if you plan to copy us,

please try to do your best.

I'm secretly cheering you on.

By the way, in the intro when it changes from

Still → Motion

and things start to pick up, that's my favorite part.

These are two powerful songs.

Please give us your support. m(__)
*Sho was a big fan of X Japan when he was a kid.

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