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[Translation] Jweb: Calling/Breathless Mail

I added the rest of the member messages in the previous post here. Now here's the round table discussion sent by email for this single.

Ohno: It's out today! Arashi is going to tell you about our new single "Calling/Breathless" in a round table discussion.
Arashi: Okaay!

Matsumoto: This is our 40th!?
Ninomiya: Ninomiya is happy(lol)!!
Sakurai: It's a moment to be celebrated, our 40th single is a double a-side!
Ohno: I thought we just released our 20th recently.
Aiba: We've had a lot of releases.
Sakurai: That means we're all working, right? We're receiving tie-ins.

Aiba: "Calling" is the theme song for the drama "Last Hope" that I'm in, which airs on Fuji TV on Tuesdays at 9:00!
Sakurai: You're doing a J-web column, "Aiba Hope (Temporary)". When are you going to take away the "Temporary"?
Aiba: Maybe for the last one (lol). Both the drama and the song are about "equality of life" and "hope." And it's a rock style song, which we haven't really had before. The A-melody is low, isn't it!
Ohno: Yeah. Also it's fast paced, I like it.
Sakurai: It's really easy to do air guitar to, a really satisfying song.
Matsumoto: I had this image that songs for Aiba-kun's dramas were usually soft, and since it's a medical drama I thought it would be a heart-warming song, so when this rough song came I was surprised (lol).
Ninomiya: Yeah. It was different from my initial image of the drama.
Sakurai: But if you watch the drama, it fits! Aiba-san!
Aiba: Thank you very much!

Ninomiya: "Breathless" is the theme song for the movie I'm in, "Platinum Data" which opens in theaters on 3/16 (Sat). For Arashi it's one of the types of songs we've been doing all this time.
Aiba: Yup. In the PV we dance a lot for the first time in ages!
Ohno: We haven't danced that hard in ages.
Sakurai: How long has it been?
Aiba: Since "truth"?
Sakurai: That long ago?
Matsumoto: We danced in "Monster" right? "Lotus" too.
Arashi: Ah, it was "Lotus"!
Ohno: So that's how long it's been~

Arashi: ………。

Aiba: We got distracted. (lol)
Matsumoto: Oh yeah, I got to see "Platinum Data"! "Breathless" played during the ending credits!
Sakurai: Did it fit?
Matsumoto: It really did!
Ninomiya: Thank you very much!

Sakurai: The coupling track "All right!!" is an energetic rock song! People shout the title over and over at gas stations(lol)*
Ninomiya: It really has a lot of energy!
Matsumoto: It's something you'd hear in the first half of our concerts!
Ninomiya: Ohno-san, doesn't it make you want to do the choreography?
Sakurai: You'd have no choice but to choreograph it, right?
Aiba: "All right!!" Alright, it's OK~! (Imitating the motions of a gas station attendant)
Ninomiya: Please pay now! (All into this small play)
Ohno: ... it would end up being an easy dance. (lol)
Matsumoto: The other song, "full of love" has a nice melody.
Sakurai: It sounds like Western music! It's stylish!
Matsumoto: Both of the a-sides are strong, so the coupling tracks give it a good balance.
Aiba: I can recommend it to you with full confidence! We really made a good 40th single! By all means, please listen to it!!
Ninomiya: If you watch Aiba-san's "Last Hope" and go to see the movie "Platinum Data" you'll get to hear them! I'd like you to enjoy them lots of ways!
Arashi: Thank you for your support!

*オーライ is a word often used to signal it's okay to back up a vehicle, or to say everything is finished. You would hear gas station attendants saying it a lot.
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