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[Translation] Jweb: Platinum Data Special "PERSONAL SIDE" Quiz (Data. 1) - Answers

Here are Nino's answers to the quiz from the previous entry.

1. When did you think for the first time in your life "Maybe I'll run away?"

⇒ When Arashi was formed.

When Arashi was formed, I wanted to quit and felt like running away (lol).

2. What's your favorite food?

⇒ Cheap food.

Because it fits me.

3. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

⇒ Turn off my alarm

If I didn't do this I couldn't get up, it's a necessity (lol).

4. What type of food did you start being able to eat when you became an adult?

⇒ Expensive food

When I became an adult I had more opportunities, so I started to be able to eat a lot of different things.

5. What was your best subject in school when you were a kid?

⇒ Japanese

Because I feel like I had the best grasp of it.

6. What's your favorite color?

⇒ Blue

Because it's just kinda calming.

7. What do you most what to do next?

⇒ Hobbies

I picked by process of elimination!

8. When do you eat your favorite item of the meal?

⇒ First

I ordered the meal because that's what I wanted to eat!!

9. What was your favorite event in school when you were a kid?

⇒ Summer break

I liked breaks.

10. What do you wear to bed?

⇒ Sweats

I don't have any pajamas.

Here's the special page:

Congratulations on getting all of the questions right!
On this special page we'll show you behind the scenes photos from the pre-release event!

This is the set for the "Special Analytical Research Center" where Kagura does DNA research... or so it seems, but it's actually a copy of the set on a panel!

On the day of the press conference, this panel was used as a backdrop as Ninomiya responded to many interviewers. You also saw this on stage at the pre-release event, it really allows you to experience the world of "Platinum Data"!


As you can see, it's not very exciting. But I thought the quiz was fun, at least. Since this was called "Data.1" it's possible there will be more, but nothing has shown up yet.
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