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Here are Nino's answers to the quiz from the previous entry.

Personal Side Data. 1Collapse )
Jweb has a special site up for Platinum Data and they've just added a new quiz called "PERSONAL SIDE." There are 10 questions about Nino on here. If you get all 10 right you get to see a special site. Give it a try! I'll reveal the answers and the content of the special site later :)

10 March 2013 @ 06:34 pm
I added the rest of the member messages in the previous post here. Now here's the round table discussion sent by email for this single.

Calling/Breathless★MailCollapse )
I've been doing a lot of translating for other fandoms lately, so I wanted to do some more Arashi translations. Plus it's fun to mix things up and translate some boys instead of girls all the time. xD

Here's a short(ish) Q&A, hopefully I'll have some more things to add in the future!

20x5 Question and Answer SessionCollapse )

Some of these questions seem really random, but I they're supposed to be references to Arashi's activities in 2012, as well as other 2012 fads like Sugi-chan's "isn't that wild?"
How they carry their keys -> KagiHeya
Lucky number -> Lucky Seven
Butler -> NazoDi
Cats or Dogs -> Mikeneko Holmes
Platinum-grade happy -> Platinum Data
☆New Year Greetings☆Collapse )

So this means Nino will be up tomorrow!
Kansha Kangeki Ame SatoshiCollapse )

I think it's interesting how distinctively each of the members write. Ohno never uses any paragraph spaces, Sho starts every sentence on a new paragraph, Nino and Jun tend to use a lot of emoji, and Aiba writes the most "normal." xD
30 December 2012 @ 12:43 am
J-web is sending out emails from the members that talk about the taping of their year-end shows. The first (I think?) one is from Aiba.

It's Aiba Masaki.Collapse )