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Project: CxDxG / Shukudai Memorial

Japanese fans have started up a petition to create a memorial book for CxDxG no Arashi and Arashi no Shukudai-kun as a way to show our appreciation to the staff for all their years of dedication and to Arashi for the entertainment they brought through these late night shows. The book would also be a way for fans to look back fondly on 8 years of Arashi's variety shows.

I've translated the information from the petition's creator, and instructions on how to vote. Please read if you're interested in helping out!


Planner: Achoma
To be submitted to: Johnny's Jimusho, J-Storm, Nihon Terebi, Office Bokura, SION
Start date: 3/13/2010

Project Details
Goal: 10,000 votes
Current number of votes: 586 (5.9 % of goal)[Note: That's the number at the time of this translation. It keeps going up!]
End date: 8/30/2010

We want to see a memorial book published, made up of pictures and such commorating the history of "C no Arashi," "D no Arashi," "G no Arashi," and "Arashi no Shukudai-kun"!

In addition, with our signatures we want to show our gratitutde to all of the staff that has been involved with "C no Arashi," "D no Arashi," "G no Arashi," and "Arashi no Shukudai-kun."

After clicking on the "Read the entire plea" link below and confirming all of the details, please sign our petition.

[The information below is a translation of the link they ask us to click]

Details of the Petition
■■■ ===【 Regarding your signatures 】=== ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

■ The contents of the signatures are ★open to the public★。This means:

■ ★ If you sign with your real name ★ instead of a nickname, ★★ your real name will be visible to tbe public. ★★ 

■ ★ If you sign with your real name ★ we recommend that you put a check next to ★ "Nickname" ★ 

■ After you sign, you cannot make any changes to your signature. Please be very careful.

■ In addition, you are allowed to sign with a nickname. 


■ Details

I learned what the atmosphere was like at the filming of the last episode of "Arashi no Shukudai-kun" from the blog of a certain magazine's editor. The editor wrote about the scene he saw in the studio, and what kind of page he was going to write based on what he saw. I couldn't read it without crying...my feelings that "Arashi no Shukudai-kun" was created by a truely amazing staff were renewed.

I think the personalities of the five members of Arashi were a big part of it, but I think it was because of the staff that watched over them for almost 8 years since back when they were still inexperienced with variety shows, that all of my memories overflowed in one moment.

It's because of the amazing talent of the staff that there have been countless Experiment Specials and special programs for Arashi's 10th anniversary. This is how I feel.

■ My Plea for Your Signatures

In an effort to have a memorial book published full of the history of the four shows, the different corners, photos, and so on, I would like to collect your signatures.

Even if our wish to have a memorial book published is not granted, we could still be successful by gathering fans who have the same feelings together to show Arashi and the staff our deep appreciation for entertaining us for all of these years.

And if our wish is granted, not only will the fans be very happy, I believe we will have accomplished something very special. Arashi, the staff, and we the fans. I hope this memorial book can become a treasure for all of us.

If you know any Arashi fans that haven't heard about this project, please spread the word about the signatures. I am counting on the cooperation of all of my fellow fans. Thank you very much.

■ Finally

I believe that it's partly due to the staff helping Arashi grow as they were working hard that Arashi has been able to come this far. The uda uda specials, sugoroku, 24hourTV, the talks, the on-location shoots, and the experiments, they've all been so much fun.

It all started in a dark basement studio.
If a memorial book could be made to gather the memories of Arashi, who always stayed positive no matter what happened, and the staff who went through everything with them, the fans that have supported Arashi for many years would certainly be very happy. Of course our goal is not just to see a memorial book published, but to also convey our gratitude to Arashi and all of the staff. I think we could come together to show our gratitude in solid form through this petition.
Something will certainly be left behind.

To show gratitude to Arashi, the staff, the fans.

To show gratitude to everyone who has been involved.

■Regarding Deadlines and Results

The petition will end on 8/30 (Mon), but I plan to send signatures to the designated companies in intervals. Depending on what results from this, I may end the petition early. Thank you for your understanding.

★The goal is to show our appreciation, so while I cannot force you, I would appreciate it if you could include a comment.★

★Please refrain from posting rude or inappropriate comments.★

How to Sign

Step 1: Go here. About halfway down the page, you will see a box that looks like this:

Don't worry about the checkboxes for now. You'll have a chance to select them later.

Step 2: You'll see this page:

PLEASE NOTE: The only information that will be published on the web will be the name you enter (or "Anon" if you check the box), your age, and you comment.
IF YOU WANT TO WRITE A COMMENT: Please DO NOT WRITE IN ANY LANGUAGE BUT JAPANESE. Please only write a comment if you can speak good Japanese or can have someone translate your comment into Japanese for you. This petition is made by Japanese fans to be sent to people who do not speak English. Some Japanese fans can become very annoyed by a flood of English/Foreign language comments, and we wouldn't want anyone to unfairly shut down the petition early over something silly like that. Just filling in the box to say that you are from a foreign country shows JE that Arashi has international support :)

Step 3: You'll see this confirmation page:

Step 4: You'll see a page with this message:

This means you ARE NOT DONE. You need to check your email for a confirmation message and click a link inside.

Step 5: You'll get an email that looks like this:

Step 6: You're done! You should see this page:

And you'll get this email:

You're done! I hope lots of people will vote :)
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