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[Translation] J-web Email: Soon…。

Once again… Happy New Year!!

Please continue to support us this year!!

Well then. "Kotatsu DE Arashi" is going to start soon.(^o^)
Lots of old videos of us show up (lol).
It's got a nostalgic feel (lol).

And then soon after that is the "VS Arashi" New Year SP!!!!
Tunnels-san head up the Otogoke Team!!
Right now we're tied 1 to 1, so the battle will finally be settled…。

We had a good competition!!
……It's one thing for me to say it myself though (lol).
By all means!! Please enjoy it!!

After that there's also J's drama "Lucky Seven Special" so please watch that too*~!!

Ninomiya Kazunari

*Nino ends with his usual "yoropiku" which is a cutesy version of "yoroshiku."

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